Our Coaches

Vlad Kruglikovskiy, co-Head Coach

Vlad has been an Assistant Coach for all age groups with the Surrey Orcas for over a year. He brings over five years’ experience coaching water polo including his position as Assistance Head Coach of the Rahat Water Polo Club for U-14 and U-16 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Vlad also has over 15 years’ experience as a water polo athlete. Vlad began playing water polo with Dynamo Sports School at the age of 12. He played goalie in the Dynamo Alma-Ata club and in the National Team of the Republic of Kazakhstan (one of the former republics of the USSR). This experience makes him a specialized asset for Goalie training. Vlad also has pediatric medical training which …read more

Vladimir Ushakov, co-Head Coach

Vladimir recently retired from his professional water polo career in Russia to move to Canada with his family where he is excited to bring his knowledge of many years of playing water polo professionally to the younger generation of water polo players. His enthusiasm and genuine love of the game translate into an exciting and motivating coaching style. As co-Head Coach of the Surrey Orcas, Vladimir will co-oversee the Splash, recreational and competitive programs. Vladimir’s motto is “heavy and boring exercise does not make an effective player” and all you have to do is come out and watch one of his practices to see the beaming smiles on our players’ faces … read more

Hannah Abbott, Assistant Coach

As a lifelong swimmer, aquatics has brought great joy to Hannah’s life. She started swimming at the age of four and since the age of seven, Hannah has enjoyed playing Water Polo at many different levels, not only in Canada, but also in the USA and Hungary. She believes that these experiences have given her a thorough understanding of the game and what it takes for an athlete to be successful. As a coach she feels it is her responsibility to model commitment, perseverance and a positive attitude at all times. By doing that, she believes she can … read more