Surrey Orcas Water Polo is a non profit club. All non coaching activities require the support of our parent volunteers throughout the season.  Parent volunteers are vital to the success of our club.

The Surrey Orcas Water Polo parent volunteer commitment is a required minimum of 100 points portion of the year (fall – Sept to Dec and winter – Jan to Apr) and MUST include 20 points for 12U
tournament in the fall and the year end tournament in winter (regardless of your athlete’s age group). Note: Excludes Splashball. Parent volunteer requirements will be capped at two athletes per family. Volunteer requirements may be completed by parents, guardians and athletes age 16 years and older at the time of the event and must be verified by the team manager, coach or any member of the Executive at the time of the volunteering event or the volunteer time will not be credited.

Each family is held entirely responsible for documenting and submitting their own Volunteer Points Tracking Form by December 15, 2017 for the fall portion and by April 15, 2018 for the winter portion of the 2017/18 water polo season. If the required points are not completed in full, verified and submitted by the deadline date, the $100 volunteer cheque will be cashed 5 days following the submission deadline.

We cannot stress enough the importance of parent participation within Surrey Orcas Water Polo. With that in mind, we do recognize that some families have circumstances that prevent them from being able to commit to participating in any volunteering. If you know in advance that your family is unable to commit the full requirement above we do provide an “opt out” option and your volunteer cheque can be cashed now along with your registration cheques. Please advise your Registrar.

There are many volunteer opportunities in our Volunteer Position Descriptions document that will be provided to families upon registration. Please also watch for emails throughout the season regarding other possible and upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Click here for the Volunteer Points Tracking Form (Winter 2017)