Fundraising – Fall 2016 

Surrey Orcas Water Polo Club (SOWPC) operates as a non-profit organization maintaining a balanced budget year to year – fundraising is required to keep registration fees as low as possible. Registration fees only cover about 50% of our annual expenses. With ever increasing costs (another 4% increase on pool costs this year) the main objective of the executive is to keep fees affordable for all families. The major costs to our club are:

  •  pool rental
  •  coaches’ salaries
  •  tournament fees

SOWPC is one of many non-profit organizations applying for Gaming Grants each year. Even with our success in receiving gaming grant funds year after year we still need to raise additional funds for each season. Fundraising is also a requirement of the government who requires us to raise 25% of the amount of the grant that we are awarded.

The fund raising fee set for each season is $100 per athlete, capped at $200 per family. SOWPC will hold one main fundraising event each season. This money is collected at registration. Funds raised will be credited towards your fund raising deposit. Members raising the funds required to fulfill their seasonal fund raising requirement will receive their cheque back at the end of the fund raising event. Failure to meet the full requirement will result in your cheque being cashed.

The fund raising event chosen for this fall season is Neufeld farms. The event will be taking place in November though information will be circulated as soon as it is confirmed so that you can start notifying your friends and family to request their support. Each family will be required to submit a minimum order of $100.

Fundraising is not optional. All families are expected to fund raise each season which directly contributes to the ongoing success of the Club. Members who do not have time and/or are not interested in participating may choose to forfeit their fundraising deposit. Families going above and beyond the seasonal fund raising requirement will be recognized!