Does your child want to learn to swim or improve their swimming?

Does your child get bored during regular swimming lessons?

Are you tired of paying for lessons and not seeing progress?

Then you should try our Splashball program and swim like a Baby Orca.

This program was developed by our Head Coach, London 2012 Olympian and Champion of Asia, Vladimir Ushakov. His vast experience in swimming and water polo has allowed him to create this unique program. You will see results in the first lesson. In our program, children master the technique of freestyle (front crawl) during an average of 8 lessons. There will always be three trainers at each lesson, so you can be assured that your child will receive the necessary attention. After an intensive swimming lesson, we teach the children how to use the ball in the water. This helps the child develop coordination and motor skills. And of course we play a water polo game after every swimming session. Your child will learn the strategy of the game and how to interact in a team! Your child will be very confident in the water and will develop great life skills!

We teach kids from 5 years old and we don’t have any prerequisites or requirements. If your child loves this sport, we will help him/her become a real sportsman and a successful person in the future. We have programs and teams for all ages. Our classes take place in several Surrey pools, so you can choose the most suitable one for you.

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