Anti-Bullying Day

Today is a day that we, Surrey Orcas Water Polo Club, have promised to stand up against bullying.  Our club is dedicated to ensuring our athletes are safe, welcome and cherished.

All of us must keep a keen eye and ear for inappropriate behavior.  Our coaches are closest to the water to see what our athletes are doing and to hear what our athletes are saying but the sole responsibility for detection and correction does not solely lie with our coaches.  Coaches, athletes and parents are all responsible for confronting and/or reporting what is unacceptable.  Talk to your athletes.  Ensure they understand that there is zero tolerance for any kind of bullying, whether it be on the school ​playground or in our pool.

We made a promise to ViaSport  – a Pledge to ERASE BULLYING.  Sport is about more than training and winning.  It is about building solid moral character and a feeling of belonging in a group with many diverse qualities.

We hope that every day, we as the leaders of this club can continue to educate ourselves and take moves at all times to ensure any sort of bullying stops and that we have the highest of integrity when dealing with all our athletes – boys or girls, beginners, intermediates and competitive players.  They all want to belong and be told they are special to their mentors, their parents, and their peers.

Here are some resources to read on this special day when this subject is brought to the forefront.  Please take a moment to read them WITH your athlete and have THAT discussion.

Thank you.