Dr. Alan Goldberg: Peak Performance for Athletes, Coaches and Parents

Parents, remember to be SUPPORTIVE & UNOBTRUSIVE!

If you want your child to excel, then support but don’t coach them! Let the coaches do the motivation, critiquing, pushing, etc. That’s their job, not yours.

The many Olympic athletes I’ve talked to always say the same thing when describing their parents’ role in their sports: supportive and unobtrusive. They weren’t over-involved. They were present and encouraging but also created plenty of space for the athlete to perform in their own way, with guidance and expertise from coaches who know what they’re doing.

Whether your child athlete succeeds is not going to depend on how much you push them, lecture, or weigh them down with high expectations, it’s going to depend on how much freedom and trust you can give them to just do their best and love them no matter what!

So parents, perhaps we need to take a step back and stop “instructing” our kids.  It hurts the tactics our coaches are teaching when our athletes are responding to our chants and looking at the bleachers for our approval rather than doing what the coach has instructed them to do. 

So parents, let’s step back and let the coaches do the coaching and instead yell our praises to the team for their efforts and accomplishments.    🙂