Orcas Social Activity! Fun-filled skating at Cloverdale Winter Ice Palace (Dec 20)

Hello Surrey Orca Players and Families,

Here is an opportunity for all the Orca players and their Families to have a Fun Filled afternoon skating at the Cloverdale Winter Ice Palace, which you can check out here. We have chosen Sunday, Dec. 20 at 12:00 noon for all to come together just before the Christmas Break.

We wanted to pick a day to organize this in a casual way, so that everyone can meet at the Ice Rink at the same time and skate together. Everyone will pay their own way and rent their skates if needed upon your arrival, but will be able to know other skaters for perhaps an impromptu challenge of how many laps or figure eights each other can do!

In the past some parents have brought doughnuts or hot chocolate for example to share, but only if you choose to. Looking forward to another social gathering with all the players and families sharing some quality time together.

Christine Blatny
Social Fun Coordinator